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Lofi is committed to delivering products from California’s most trusted and reputable cannabis brands. As a premium cannabis delivery service provider, we carry industry-defining brands known for offering unparalleled quality, consistency, and value for every product under their catalogs. Browse our diverse selection of products, and enjoy scheduled dispensary delivery right to your door. We deliver throughout the Bay Area, and our curated menu makes it easy to find exactly what you’re looking for.

There are hundreds of cannabis brands in the Golden State, operating from the forests of Humboldt County to the shores of San Diego. However, only a select few of these brands stand out as industry leaders not only in California, but throughout the country as well. Stiiizy has disrupted the vaping market with innovative vaporizer and cartridge designs unmatched in accessibility. Heavy Hitters has produced some of the most consistent and high-quality edibles and concentrates since 1996. Brands such as these set the standards of excellence that we look for in the THC products we offer and ship to you through our dispensary delivery service.

Other trailblazing brands featured on our menu include Flav, Kanha, Surplus Cartridge Co., Grizzly Peak Farms, Cannabiotix and Henry’s Original. Our selection is constantly expanding, so check in periodically to explore even more game-changing cannabis brands.

Industry-Leading Cannabis Brands
About Lofi

Just as the brands in our inventory are raising the bar for cannabis, Lofi is raising the bar for delivery services. We provide our delivery services throughout the Bay Area, and we work hard to maintain high standards of professionalism and consideration. It has never been easier to have quality THC products delivered straight to your door.

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