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Are you searching for quality hand-crafted cannabis? Then look no further than Glass House Farms. The enthusiastic growers at this Californian brand base their craft on the values of their Dutch ancestors. They came to the Carpinteria Valley in the 1960s. Using the valley’s ideal climate, fertile soil, and exuberant sunshine, they grew their delicate native flowers. Now the team at Glass House Farms is using the same exceptional qualities of the Central Coast to cultivate their various cannabis strains. They employ sustainable farming practices in state-of-the-art greenhouses to produce the highest quality cannabis and sell it at an accessible price. They’re expanding heavily, having just acquired Plus Gummies, and now you can find their products at Lofi.

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Glass House Farmscannabis flower is cultivated with advanced technologies by skilled growers under the warm California sun. They are available in a variety of strains. Ice Cream Cake is one of their most popular Indica-dominant buds with a sweet vanilla scent. If you’re looking for a brain freeze, this hybrid of Wedding Cake and Gelato #33 will do the job. Just roll it into a joint and take a puff to feel your whole body relax. The Garlic Starship strain should be your go-to option for a spicy cultivar to add to your cannabis food recipes. 

Glass House Farms also offers pre-rolls for users who want a more convenient option. Their pre-rolls are made with the same exceptional weed found in their other products and Plus Gummies but rolled neatly into ready-to-go tubes. Buy them now and feel their stress-relieving effects for yourself.

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Lofi is a same-day cannabis delivery service in the Bay Area, providing the cannabis enthusiasts of California with high-quality products. With excellent customer service and reasonable prices, Lofi helps people from all walks of life enjoy the effects of weed. Whether you want cannabis pre-rolls, tinctures, or edibles, Lofi has got your back! Shop now and explore the world of cannabis.