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Based in Los Angeles, this respected distiller creates ultra-potent concentrates made from high-quality, California-grown cannabis. Only a clean distillate made from superior flower can produce the quality of concentrates offered by this heavy-hitting brand. The Heavy Hitters cartridge is a California legend because of the exacting process undertaken to create it. This brand’s confidence is rooted in an unstinting commitment to outstanding quality. Creating the purest THC available in a vape, Heavy Hitters is a leader among cannabis brands.

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Focused on vapes and cartridges, you’ll also find infused pre-rolls and edibles from Heavy Hitters – the latter being a specialty of this fine distiller, with the heaviest-hitting gummies you’ll find anywhere.

Heavy Hitters cartridges range in strain and potency, but all are made to the strict standards of the brand, featuring terpene profiles that live up to Heavy Hitters’ promises of exceptional quality. Dedicated to purity, potency, and purpose, leadership at this brand delivers everything they do with uncompromising commitment to the satisfaction of customers who choose their products.

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You can get Heavy Hitters today with Lofi. We’ll even schedule your delivery for the time you specify. Serving the San Francisco Bay Area, Lofi is a customer-centered brand, respecting your time with fast delivery and excellent customer service. Dying to try Heavy Hitters cartridges? Why wait? Order now and get them today!

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Find out more about Heavy Hitters and their amazing products at Lofi’s Cannabis Corner Learning Space. Here, you’ll find posts answering all kinds of questions about cannabis and its properties, components, and how to use them. Visit often to brush up on more info about different products you might want to try!


Whatever concentrated product the cannabis artisans at this California company decide to create, you can count on it to deliver strong benefits. Since 1996, Heavy Hitters has been famous for their ultra-high strength distillates. Their vaping products are available in Indica, Sativa, and hybrid flavors with a potent cannabinoid punch. That means a typical terpene and THC content around 100% and 95%, respectively. Place an order now from our Bay Area cannabis delivery service and try Heavy Hitters carts the next time you vape! We are confident you’ll enjoy the experience.

Heavy Hitters edibles are made with ultra-strength hash oil derived from California weed and sweetened with organic sugar. These tangy-sweet treats are formulated to give you maximum euphoric, relaxing, or stimulating effects (depending on the strain). They are loaded with THC, CBD, and other beneficial organic compounds. Choose from a variety of mouth-watering, Indica, Sativa, and hybrid flavors. They are perfect for dessert, and our dispensary delivery drivers are waiting for your order!

By using only the best cannabis from top California farms to manufacture high-purity distillates, Heavy Hitters has created a line of products renowned for their strength. Their Diamond infused pre rolls contain rough-cut 99%+ pure THCa and are loaded with beneficial compounds. We are confident you’ll enjoy Heavy Hitter pre rolls as much as you’ll enjoy their vape products and cannabis edibles.

While many people associate edibles with getting faster and better sleep, some people find the same relief with concentrates, vapes, and flower. Aside from the way they are consumed, the major difference between Heavy Hitters gummies and vape products is how fast you feel the effects. Vape effects are like smoking good flower and provide near-instantaneous effects, while edibles need up to an hour to work. So depending on how you fall asleep, Heavy Hitters carts may give you the same type of relaxation you need to find restful dreamtime.