High-THC Protabs

With these powerful marijuana pills and tablets, you can take your cannabis almost anywhere. These high-THC products are lab-tested, pure, and contain a proprietary blend of premium cannabinoids, including THC, CBG, CBD, CBDN, and more. Formulated by industry experts, a single 20 mg or 25 mg pill may be all you require to gain maximum cannabis benefits. And every pill is scored so if you want less, or you want to share, you can easily split them in half. You and a friend can enjoy the effects of your favorite weed on the go.

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How long does it take to digest? As soon as you swallow a Level marijuana pill your body begins to digest it. This process may take from 30 minutes to an hour and a half. As your body absorbs the beneficial cannabinoids, you will start to feel the effects of Level products, which range in intensity.

Pills are portable and easy to store, and a single pill can deliver premium cannabis benefits discreetly and privately. They can be taken anywhere you can swallow a pill, and the container fits in your pocket–how convenient is that? These products give you dependable access to cannabis relief whenever you need it. And they are economical; the effects of Level Protab marijuana tablets and pills may last for hours.

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Be ready the next time you get stuck in a situation where you cannot smoke! Place an order for East Bay cannabis delivery today, and these pills could be at your door in an hour or less. Our THC products are lab-tested and fresh, and our drivers know the area. Place your order now!

Cannabis Corner - Learning About Edibles

The Cannabis Corner learning space is your zone for information about all things THC-related. Browse the Corner to learn more about flower, vaporizers, concentrates, and more.

Cannabis edibles are an attractive alternative to smoking. Are they right for everyone, and are they as good as smoking? Find out in Lofi’s guide to edibles.


Marijuana pills last a long time and users can avoid the odor of cannabis. Cannabis pills are portable and convenient.

In many ways, THC pills are like cannabis edibles, but there are significant differences. Pills have no sugar, for example, and the effects may last longer.

Some people find THC and CBN products like white berry sleep gummies are great for sleep!

Lofi carries a selection of delicious cannabis edibles, including live resin-infused gummies, Spacewalk X bites, and more, in addition to Level Protab tablets and marijuana pills.

Lofi cannabis delivery delivers in the California Bay Area, including East Bay and Oakland.