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Lumpy’s Flowers is an award-winning craft cannabis brand from the Napa region of Northern California. With the widest selection of in-house genetics and grower-led operations, they strive to provide the finest craft cannabis for weed enthusiasts. Their euphoric, full-flavored, and exotic flower is hand-trimmed, promising an elevated smoking experience. They work diligently to create new strains that excel in flavor and potency. Lumpy’s Apple Fritter, a cross between Sour Apple and Animal Cookies, is a fantastic example of their continuous efforts. Lumpy’s Reckless Rainbow is another testament to its superior quality and delicious taste. Lumpy’s Flowers will satisfy your needs, whether you want cannabis for medicinal or recreational use. Try their premium craft cannabis for yourself and schedule your delivery today with Lofi.

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Lofi carries some of Lumpy’s best products. Lumpy’s Lemon Trill is available in 1g to 5g packages. This zesty cultivar is perfect for a midday joint to lift up your spirits with its refreshing citrus flavor. For a high-THC flower, you can get the 28g Sativa buds of Capital Haze. This hybrid of Apple Haze and OG Kush is perfect for baking, with the candy-sweet taste of green apples.

You can get Lumpy’s Flowers pre-rolls if you want something more convenient. These pre-rolls are made with hand-picked, high-quality strains that will relax your body and soothe your pain to help you unwind. Whether you choose Lumpy’s Reckless Rainbow, Lumpy’s Apple Fritter, or another cultivar, you’ll get a taste of their flavorful gardens in the wine regions of California.

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Lofi is a convenient Bay Area cannabis delivery service for weed enthusiasts and those who are new to cannabis. With fast scheduled delivery, reasonable prices, and unmatched customer service, Lofi strives to make cannabis available to people from all walks of life. Apart from Lumpy’s Flowers, Lofi carries pre-rolls, edibles, tinctures, and more from the most reputable brands. Buy now and schedule your delivery with Lofi.