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By combining traditional agricultural methods with their 25+ years of expertise in the cannabis industry, the legacy operators at Monterey Kush have carved their names as one of the best in California for premium craft cannabis. Their award-winning cannabis flower for sale is a fusion of the most distinguished strains in the industry, selectively cultivated in their advanced greenhouses to combine the most desirable traits in each bud. Their homegrown, proprietary strains have won numerous accolades at the Weedcon Buyers Cup and Emerald Cup over many years and Lofi is proud to bring these innovative products to our Bay Area clientele.

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Founded in 2018, Monterey Kush Co. has been producing genetically-superior strains of cannabis flower for sale that have been skilfully selected by seasoned experts in the cannabis industry. Their all-natural cannabis is grown under the most optimal environmental conditions in a light-assisted greenhouse facility spanning over 250,000 sq ft.

The Monterey Kush team are cannabis advocates who wish to make premium craft cannabis easily accessible in the recreational and medical market. They’re committed to engineering unique proprietary strains and sharing them with the enthusiastic community of cannabis lovers to continue to build upon the art and tradition of cannabis usage in Monterey County and beyond.

Premium Quality, All-Natural Cannabis Flower
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Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, Lofi is a professional cannabis delivery service that offers flower, vapes, prerolls, and more from some of the most notable brands in California, including Monterey Kush Co. We offer fast, same-day delivery as well as scheduled delivery for cannabis lovers in the Bay Area.

Whether you’re looking for your favorite brands or exploring new ones, Lofi brings them to you at the most competitive prices along with an excellent customer service experience. Schedule your cannabis delivery for the Bay Area, now and enjoy convenient quality service.