Meet the Bestselling Cannabis Brand on the West Coast

Select cartridges are a big reason for this brand’s sterling reputation because that’s how it all started. A single cough launched Select’s quest for a better product – free of cutting agents and distilled from exceptional flower. Select’s cannabis cartridge offers a worry-free THC delivery method, highlighting their Elite Live Oil. These cartridges are hand-filled, then run through 4 distinct quality stations, assuring unparalleled quality. Reliable excellence defines Select, which brings you a consistently full, smooth flavor.

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While widely celebrated for their cartridges and incredible Elite Live Oil, the brand also produces a line of edibles, including Select Nano Gummies. Like the safe, pure cartridges Select is known for, Nano Gummies are infused with their award-winning cannabis oil.

The effects of these gummies can be felt in as little as 15 minutes, making them a fast-acting favorite. Select sets high standards for hardware, oil testing, and pesticides to produce a purer, safer product. This distinguishes the brand as a leader in product integrity and quality.

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Lofi is a San Francisco Bay Area cannabis delivery service that brings Select and other industry brands to your door. Our service is fast, and if your agenda is tight we’ll schedule a THC delivery at your preferred time. Lofi’s excellent customer service is a perk you’ll come back for time and again.