How To Make a Holiday Weed Gift Basket

A holiday gift basket

Holidays are fun times and gift-giving is an important activity that most people enjoy. For weed lovers, getting cannabis gifts and smoking accessories is always appreciated! 

Putting a basket together for a cannabis lover can be fun, but there are so many choices that you may wonder where to begin. This article will help you make the perfect package for your favorite smoker, and we include some great gift ideas too. 

The following six steps (one is optional) will help you create an epic gift basket for your cannabis-loving friends. 

Step One

Smoke some flower or take a cannabis pill. This will help you get into the same headspace as the giftee. Consider this step optional if you don’t use cannabis, and just struggle along as best you can. 

Step Two

Select one thing that you want to spend the majority of your gift-giving budget on. This item should be special in some way and can be used to set the tone for the rest of this process. This item will get the most attention in your weed gift basket, so think of it as the centerpiece for your gift package. 

Avoid making the main item a consumable gift. It may disappear quickly, leaving little or no memory behind. Memorable items include things like clothing, gadgets, or jewelry. Many smokers appreciate accessories as gifts, and there are thousands of accessories to choose from, like glass pipes that are more like works of art, gravity bongs, and vaporizers with cool features. 

If you still need more smoker gift ideas, try to think like the recipient or giftee. Look at art around their home, and magazines, books, movies, and video games. Still nothing? Repeat step one. 

Step Three

Your holiday weed gift basket needs a few extra things to shore up the main item. These smaller items should align with the main gift. They can be anything, but consider items that complement the personality of the giftee. Consumables or OK, like lighters, rolling papers, and vape batteries.

Step Four

Throw in a unique or joke item. It will be good for a laugh, and having a laugh during the holidays can help to boost spirits, so choose wisely. If you don’t like the occasional joke gift and think they are silly, repeat step one. 

Step Five

It may be nice for your smoker’s holiday weed gift basket to hold accessories that have nothing to do with weed, like munchies. Also, you don’t have to use a basket. You can use any container to hold the items, and a container that is itself special is a nice trick. 

A great idea for a pot smoker’s gift is a custom wooden stash box. Cloth or leather bags with hidden pockets may also end up being cherished for years. You could spray paint and bedazzle an old basket and re-gift it (if you are considering this you may have repeated Step One too many times). 

Step Six

Don’t forget the weed gift basket’s most important item–marijuana!

You’ll want a special THC product, especially if you’ve got a picky smoker, so make sure you know the difference between sativa and indica, and purchase the right one for your recipient. Consider holiday weed strains (if available), or items like moonrocks, coated prerolls, tinctures, and topicals

If you don’t smoke and you don’t use cannabis, then your local budtender can probably give you some advice.

Making Memories That Last

Now that your little something special is ready for your favorite smoker, feel free to add accessories at the last minute. Prerolls are good, and non-consumables like stickers, books, and incense make fine last-minute additions. 

Some say gift cannabis is the best cannabis, and with a little thought (and Step One), you can make your weed gift basket truly memorable for everyone involved.