Non-Smoking Cannabis Alternatives

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Read About Consumption Methods that Don’t Involve Smoking

Many prefer not to smoke weed because of the dangers connected to inhaling smoke of any kind. But with legalization has come the refinement of ways to enjoy cannabis without smoking. Even smokers will often choose an alternative to smoking weed to be more discreet. Let’s read about non-smoking cannabis alternatives.

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Benefits of Smokeless Consumption

Without a doubt, joints and prerolls provide immediate gratification but when burned and inhaled, there are still carcinogens present in the smoke. While not as hazardous as those from commercial cigarettes, they’re still there, even when using a bong, which can filter out many impurities in the smoke with water.

With an alternative to weed smoking like edibles (including beverages), you’ll wait a little longer to experience the effects but you won’t be inhaling smoke. So, for non-smokers, that’s the tradeoff and the perfect solution. You can also enjoy cannabis without smoking with items like transdermal patches and topicals like lotions. Again, you’ll wait longer, but the methods are safer.

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How to Use an Alternative to Smoking Weed

From gummies to cookies to beverages and chocolate, the world of cannabis edibles is diverse. Edibles provide a discreet way to consume cannabis. Without the scent disturbing others or the potential effects smoking carries, edibles provide a long-lasting, intense high that many prefer. Plan to wait for edible effects for between 30 and 90 minutes (this varies depending on potency and type of edible).

You can also enjoy cannabis without smoking by using soft gels, transdermal patches, and topicals. Soft gels are easy to consume and they work in the same way as edibles. Transdermal patches are applied to areas on your body such as your foot or wrist and they deliver cannabinoids to your bloodstream with effects in about 15 minutes. Topicals like lotions work similarly and you can feel the effects in about 1 hour.

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