What is a Strain?

Three cannabis buds

Cannabis is available in different varieties. These varieties, called strains or cultivars, have distinct characteristics. They are grown to have unique shapes, tastes, compounds, and effects. Here, we will dig deeper into cannabis strains to give you an idea of your options.

What is a Cultivar?

The term “cannabis” refers to a specific family of plants within a broad family labeled “hemp”. While there are many strains of cannabis, we refer to man-made, or cultivated, strains as “cultivars”. All strains, whether natural or cultivated, can be categorized as Cannabis Indica, Sativa, or Hybrid. The main differences between these categories is the chemical composition of their plants and their THC content.


Cannabis indica comes from the Middle East. It has broad, dark green leaves with large dense buds. Indica strains often have an earthy flavor with notes of pine, hops, and lavender. 

Indicas have higher amounts of CBD than THC. They’re relaxing and have soothing properties, making them perfect for nighttime use.


Cannabis sativa originates from warmer countries, such as those in South and Central America. It has long, pale green leaves with small buds. Sativa cannabis strains carry a tropical scent with hints of citrus and cherries. 

Sativas have higher amounts of THC than CBD. They’re energizing with stress-reducing properties that make them great for daytime use. 


Hybrids are a cross between Indica and Sativa, grown by farmers to have specific characteristics. They can be uplifting, relaxing, fruity, or earthy. Their effects will depend on their THC-to-CBD ratio. Nevertheless, they’re the most popular cultivars due to their versatility. 

Popular Strains

Below are some popular cannabis strains. You can enjoy edibles and tinctures or try different ways to smoke them

NameCategoryAverage THC%
Bubba KushIndica19%
Purple PunchIndica18%
Sour DieselSativa16%
Durban PoisonSativa18%
Blue DreamHybrid18%
White widowHybrid18%

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