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Lofi’s Dublin, CA dispensary is here to serve the Bay Area with some of the finest California weed that comes off the farm. Whether you’re looking for a little recreational marijuana for after (or before) dinner or a patient seeking relief from a troubling condition, Lofi can help. Lofi carries a variety of powerful high-THC cannabis products that deliver natural benefits. Coming home from Hacienda Crossings after a day of shopping? Relaxing from a good jog down the Iron Horse Regional Trail? Place an online order now and get some flower, edibles, concentrates, or cannabis topicals today, and feel the relief!

If you’re looking for the perfect cannabis for Dublin’s Splatter Festival or St. Patrick’s Day, you can find it at Lofi. We have terpene-rich flower for smoking from brands like Grizzly Peak, Revelry, and more. We have delicious edibles from Kanha and Select and cannabis-infused beverages from Uncle Arnie’s. Other products at Lofi include: 

Looking for a hard-to-find product or a brand we don’t carry? Contact us today! Our customer service people are friendly and helpful!

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Low prices, exceptional service, and high quality have made Lofi one of the top Dublin, CA cannabis dispensaries in the Bay Area. With so many different products to try, you’ll never get bored!

Whether it’s indica or sativa buds, infused edibles, concentrates, or 510-thread vape accessories, Lofi has you covered. Schedule a delivery now!