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Lofi carries some of the finest tinctures you can find anywhere, and we can deliver them to your Bay Area location today! Every hand-picked, lab-tested, top-quality tincture cannabis product is packed with beneficial nutrients, active ingredients, and organic compounds. Every brand holds a mood-enhancing, body-relaxing, comfort-giving promise. There’s no delay in effects, and there’s nothing complicated about using them. Carry a bottle in your pocket and use a drop or two when you need it. Tinctures are easy to carry, easy to use, and unlike smoking, leave no odor behind.

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Tincture THC and other liquid products are perfect for those times you’re feeling bad or out of it and you can’t smoke. While your favorite flower may provide fast and dependable relief, tinctures are a great way to obtain the medicinal effects of cannabis without inhaling smoke.

Try a drop or two on your tongue or in coffee, tea, or your favorite energy drink. Use them before bed for more restful sleep. They work fast and you can use them in a variety of different ways. Add a few drops to ice cream for a special treat!

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Order THC tinctures and cannabis products, including high-THC concentrates, edibles, prerolls and more from Lofi and get them today! Or schedule a time that is convenient. We specialize in delivery in the Bay Area, and our delivery drivers know the neighborhoods and they know how to get around. Order now, and let them deal with the traffic!

Cannabis Corner - Learning About Tinctures

Tinctures are an effective way to enjoy cannabis if you don’t smoke. Even if you smoke, your lungs may enjoy a break. There are many different ways to use cannabis without smoking! Find out more in the Cannabis Corner now, and see why tincture THC is just one way to gain the benefits of cannabis.