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Lofi carries a range of carefully selected cannabis products from California’s best brands. We test and approve everything you see in our collection ourselves, so we can guarantee you are receiving a highly curated and premium cannabis selection. We offer top-quality CBD and THC-rich products in various forms for every preference. It doesn’t matter if you like to smoke your weed or eat it, because we have something for everyone. Skim through Lofi’s extensive offerings. You are sure to find a product to fit your needs. Order your favorites from the quality cannabis delivery service in the East Bay Area and get them the same day!

Here you can get an overview of all the top-notch cannabis products we sell at our Oakland-based weed delivery service. Our prerolls are perfect for beginners who don’t know how to roll or those looking for a quick cloud of THC. If you don’t like to smoke joints, you can vape, and take advantage of our top-grade cartridges and pods. Try our unprocessed flower and rich concentrates if you’re a seasoned user looking for potent

effects. If you happen to be searching for something that will wake up your taste buds or pair nicely with good food, toss back a couple of our delicious edible selections. All of the high-quality cannabis products at our THC store have the potential to help you through various conditions. Whether it’s to relax your body, calm your mind, find your appetite, relieve pain or sleep better at night, cannabis can enrich your life.

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About Lofi

Lofi is a fast and friendly online cannabis delivery service that serves the East Bay and larger Bay Area. Our mission is to provide easy access to cannabis in all forms, so everyone can discover

how flower can benefit their routine. Our dedicated service, great prices, and involvement in community outreach reflect our deep passion for what we do — we care about our customers and our community.


Our weed delivery service has been bringing products to discerning, THC-appreciating Oakland and East Bay area residents since 2021.

Yes. Lofi specializes in providing the best California weed possible, and that commitment includes obtaining fresh and potent products, whether it is concentrates, flower, edibles, or prerolls.

Availability may vary from season to season, so it’s not possible to provide a full list of every flavor. You can expect to find favorites like Cereal Milk, Gelato, Strawberry, Grape Chocolate, and more, every time you visit our online store.

Of course! Our weed delivery service can bring cartridges and pods to cannabis enthusiasts who prefer not to or can’t smoke flower. 

Absolutely! Our friendly customer service can answer your questions about edibles and help you find the right product to please your palate, so contact us today!