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Working with growers in Monterey, Santa Cruz, and Sacramento Counties, Union Electric cannabis rests on three pillars – geography, growing environment, and finishing. The weed produced by Union Electric’s growers relies on a temperate, coastal climate, mixed-light facilities, and an educated approach to trimming. These three pillars result in fine, artisan flower. Union Electric’s commitment to hands-on growing creates seed-to-sale flower that brings customers amazing quality at an accessible price. At every step of Union Electric weed’s process, you’ll find seasoned cultivators who highlight the importance of artisan grower practices.

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Union Electric’s mission is to bring customers the freshest weed possible. Their high-voltage product is sustainably produced in a mixed light environment, using recycled water.  Mixed light harnesses the energy of the sun and supplements it with LED lights. This practice allows sustainable, year-round cultivation without the use of chemicals or pesticides.

When you choose Union Electric cannabis, you choose a high-THC product that’s been produced in an environmentally supportive way. Hand-trimmed by real people, you get only what you want to smoke — large quality buds.

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With Lofi’s fast, same-day cannabis delivery, you can get Union Electric weed the day you order it. You can even schedule your delivery. And our professional, helpful customer service is a perk you’ll come back for. Enjoy convenience, customer-centered service and friendly pricing, with Lofi!

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