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Cannabis is a whole new world for a lot of people. Now that it’s legal, many want to find out more about cannabis, so we’ve created this resource for you. Here, your questions will be answered! Maybe you’re interested in the varying effects of strains, types of CBD products, or different ways to consume cannabis. We’re covering these topics to give you the information you need to make the best decisions for you. We hope you’ll stick around to learn something new, gain a deeper understanding, and grow your knowledge. Welcome to the Cannabis Corner!

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Sativa and Indica are the two principal strains of cannabis. They’re both cannabis, but with different effects. And when the two are combined to create a hybrid, you get something completely new, adding dimension to the originals.


Many prefer not to smoke weed because of the dangers connected to inhaling smoke of any kind. But with legalization has come the refinement of ways to enjoy cannabis without smoking.

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If you’re new to cannabis you might not know how to smoke cannabis. However, smoking is one of the most popular ways to use cannabis. Below you can find 4 different ways to smoke weed and enjoy its effects.

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Cannabis is available in different varieties. These varieties, called strains or cultivars, have distinct characteristics. They are grown to have unique shapes, tastes, compounds, and effects.

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If you’re a beginner cannabis user, then the idea of rolling a joint may seem challenging at first, especially if you see the experts roll up a perfect one within seconds. But all it takes is the right technique and practice to master this skill.


Terpenes are chemical compounds that are naturally produced by many plants, herbs, and fruits, including the cannabis plant where it’s present in high concentrations. These compounds are responsible for the fragrance and taste associated with different strains of cannabis. Different combinations of terpenes yield different flavors and aromas.


You must have seen one before, but if you’re new to the world of cannabis then you’re likely not familiar with how a bong actually works. Bongs are a great alternative to joints because they offer a cooler, smoother smoke.

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What are Cannabinoids?

Welcome back to Cannabis Corner! In this blog, we’re diving into the fascinating topic of cannabinoids — the chemical compounds responsible for the variety of effects cannabis can produce.

How To Take Edibles

Our guide to edibles is for new and returning cannabis enthusiasts who are curious about THC-infused gummies, brownies, cookies, and beverages! While these products offer an alternative to smoking, you should know a few things about them before you indulge.

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