How to Use a Bong

You must have seen one before, but if you’re new to the world of cannabis then you’re likely not familiar with how a bong actually works. Bongs are a great alternative to joints because they offer a cooler, smoother smoke. If you’re intimidated by this peculiar-looking equipment, here’s an easy step-by-step guide that’ll teach you how to use this device.

Here are some things you’ll need before learning how to use a bong:

Anatomy of a Basic Bong

To understand the answer to the question “How does a bong work?”, it’s important to know the basic anatomy of a bong. A basic bong has seven parts:

  1. Mouthpiece – The top portion of the tube from where you inhale the smoke.
  2. Uptake – The tube connecting the mouthpiece to the chamber.
  3. Bowl – Where the ground flower is packed.
  4. Downstem – The tube connecting the bowl to the chamber.
  5. Screen – A round mesh or basket-shaped insert that sits at the bottom of the bowl, preventing the flower from falling through the downstem.
  6. Chamber – The part that holds the water for cooling and filtering the smoke.
  7. Base – The bottom of the bong which is usually wide and heavy to keep the bong stable.

Some bowls also have a carb hole in the middle of the uptake that allows you to control the flow of the smoke.

How to Use a Bong Step-By-Step

Step 1: Fill the Chamber With Water

You can pour water into the bong either through the mouthpiece or by removing the downstem. Fill the chamber until the water reaches just above the downstem with some space left for the smoke to pass through. Make sure not to submerge it completely or you’ll be inhaling water instead. This is essential for understanding how a bong works.

Step 2: Grind Your Flower

Use a grinder to grind the cannabis buds uniformly. Keep the consistency medium fine. If it’s too fine or too coarse, it won’t burn evenly and the taste will be affected. This is an important step in learning how to use a bong.

Step 3: Pack the Bowl

Take out the bowl and place the screen at the bottom of the bowl so the ground-up weed stays in place. Now pack the bowl using your fingers or a small spoon until it’s just full. The best practice is to not pack it too tight because it can restrict the flow of oxygen and smoke. Keep it slightly loose. If you feel like you have to drag hard, you’ve likely packed the bowl too tight.

Step 4: Light the Bowl and Inhale

Place the bowl back on the bong and firmly hold the bong with one hand. How to use a bong with a carb hole? Just cover it with a finger to prevent air from coming in. Seal the mouthpiece with your lips and then place the lighter at the edge of the bowl for just a few seconds to ignite the flower.

Step 5: Take a Toke

After the bowl is lit, you can start inhaling slowly. Remove the flame but keep inhaling because the flower will keep burning as long as you pull on it. No need to inhale until you’re out of breath though! This is important to know if you want to learn how to use a bong properly. If you have a carb, release your finger as you inhale to clear the chamber. Otherwise, remove the bowl from the stem.

Step 5: Clean the Bong

Clean the bong with warm water or rubbing alcohol after each use to prevent germ build-up. If you’re taking a hit with friends, it’s good etiquette to wipe the mouthpiece before you pass it on.

And There You Go!

Now you know the answer to “How does a bong work?”. Learning how to use a bong may take some getting used to initially but you’ll be a pro in no time! Just make sure to inhale slowly and take smaller hits if you feel uncomfortable.

If you feel like a bong isn’t your cup of tea, we recommend trying out vapes, or better yet edibles & drinks. There are so many ways to enjoy cannabis, so keep experimenting until you find the right method for yourself!