4 Different Ways to Smoke Cannabis

Rolled cannabis joints on a ceramic plate

If you’re new to cannabis you might not know how to smoke cannabis. However, smoking is one of the most popular ways to use cannabis. Below you can find 4 different ways to smoke weed and enjoy its effects.

1. Joints

Joints are a favorite smoking method among cannabis users. They’re easy to roll and convenient to bring with you. All you need to do is crush some cannabis flower, fill a rolling paper with it, and roll it into a tube or cone shape. If you like, you may fold and insert a filter in the lip end of the joint to protect your fingers and mouth from the heat. For even more convenience, you can buy ready-to-go pre-rolls.

2. Blunts

Blunts are alternatives to joints that last longer. Instead of using rolling paper, users roll ground cannabis flowers, as well as some tobacco into a cigar wrap. With blunts, you’ll be experiencing the effects of weed and tobacco simultaneously. All you have to do is slice open a cigar, empty the tobacco if necessary, and replace it with cannabis.

3. Pipe

Pipes are one of the easiest ways to smoke weed. They consist of a hollow bowl, a mouthpiece, and sometimes a carb hole that allows you to clear the device of smoke by putting your finger on it. After choosing your cannabis strain, you can pack the bowl with it and smoke it through the mouthpiece.

4. Bong

Bongs, also called water pipes, are another method for smoking cannabis. These devices consist of a bowl, mouthpiece, water chamber, and glass cylinder. To smoke cannabis with a bong, you must add the buds to the bowl and pour water into the water chamber. The water will cool and filter the smoke as you inhale. 

Learn How to Smoke Cannabis With Lofi

These 4 methods are just some of the ways to smoke weed. You can also vape weed using vape pens or eat weed as cannabis edibles. It’s up to you to decide the best option for your needs. Lofi is here to help! 

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