20 Years of Award-Winning Flower

When two childhood friends build a weed company together, Cannabiotix is what happens. Straight out of SoCal, the founders of Cannabiotix had a dream: to provide their nearest and dearest with some of the craziest weed they’d ever smoked. For 20 years, they’ve been living that dream, with a unique approach to cannabis production that sets them apart. With in-house genetics, Cannabiotix offers weed enthusiasts a heritage product with an R&D twist. Now available at Lofi for Bay Area and East Bay cannabis delivery, we’re proud to carry this remarkable brand.

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Flower from this Southern California grower is the product of 20 years of experience. Two decades of hands-on learning have created unique strains, giving a makeover to the cannabis legacy by reimagining older strains with a new intense twist.

Cannabiotix produces the nugs that rock your world. How? By using trichome preservation and staying away from plant growth regulators. Their flower is also packaged by hand to ensure optimal trichome preservation. Boutique cannabis can only be cultivated with loving care. With an old-school approach, this brand brings you a standout flower every time.

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