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Lofi is committed to delivering products from California’s most trusted and reputable cannabis brands. As a premium cannabis delivery service provider, we carry industry-defining brands known for offering unparalleled quality, consistency, and value for every product under their catalogs. Browse our diverse selection of products, and enjoy scheduled dispensary delivery right to your door. We deliver throughout the Bay Area, and our curated menu makes it easy to find exactly what you’re looking for.

There are hundreds of cannabis brands in the Golden State, operating from the forests of Humboldt County to the shores of San Diego. However, only a select few of these brands stand out as industry leaders not only in California, but throughout the country as well. Stiiizy has disrupted the vaping market with innovative vaporizer and cartridge designs unmatched in accessibility. Heavy Hitters has produced some of the most consistent and high-quality edibles and concentrates since 1996. Brands such as these set the standards of excellence that we look for in the THC products we offer and ship to you through our dispensary delivery service.

Other trailblazing brands featured on our menu include Flav, Kanha, Surplus Cartridge Co., Grizzly Peak Farms, Cannabiotix and Henry’s Original. Our selection is constantly expanding, so check in periodically to explore even more game-changing cannabis brands.

Industry-Leading Cannabis Brands
About Lofi

Just as the brands in our inventory are raising the bar for cannabis, Lofi is raising the bar for delivery services. We provide our delivery services throughout the Bay Area, and we work hard to maintain high standards of professionalism and consideration. It has never been easier to have quality THC products delivered straight to your door.

Cannabis Corner - Learning About Cannabis Brands

Want to learn more about our dispensary delivery services and the products in our inventory? Visit our Cannabis Corner Learning Space for helpful information that can help you become a more informed buyer and connoisseur.


We carry many different prerolls for delivery from select California growers. These manufacturers provide high-quality products with a variety of effects. Picking the best company or grower from this group would be extremely difficult.

It’s hard to miss the names of California companies and cannabis growers when you see the list of awards handed out each year by industry associations, growers groups, and weed competitions. These awards include the Cannabis Business Awards (CBA), the High Times Cannabis Cup, and especially the Emerald Cup, which is open to California growers and celebrated its 19th award show in 2023.

We think pre-rolled joints with California weed may be the best joints in any dispensary, but with so many award winners on our shelves, we can’t say which brand is on top of the rest. We encourage our customers to compare different companies by selecting a variety of different brands the next time they order cannabis delivery. You never know what new experience you’ll discover!

To appreciate the low cost of dispensary delivery services for the best pre-rolled joints and other California products we can bring to your door, you must understand the process of order fulfillment.

Once your payment and address are verified, your order is assembled and packaged by professionals. This may require some special activities or materials, depending on your order.

Then the delivery driver accepts the package.

To operate a motor vehicle you need a driver with the proper skills, insurance for the vehicle and employee, fuel, and maintenance. These costs are factored into a single weed delivery service charge that works on a sliding scale based on your delivery zone and how much you order.

Like pre-rolled joints, selecting one manufacturer or farm above the rest wouldn’t be accurate or helpful for many reasons. First, cannabis edibles need to be fresh for full flavor and effects. And since edibles are food products, they may be subject to harsh judgment because someone doesn’t care for a flavor that another person may love. Food critics are a tough crowd!

The best any dispensary can do is to keep things fresh. Every delivery of prerolls, flower, edibles, or concentrates contains products that have been reviewed and tested for strength and effects. To find the best edible product, you’ll have to try them all before you decide!

Absolutely! A good way to start is with flowers from a brand you can trust. These brands represent some of the best California farms and their pre-rolled joints and cones come in many different varieties.

We think a good starter order should contain at least three different kinds of cannabis prerolls. We suggest indica, sativa, and one hybrid strain. To get free shipping, make sure to add products you may want to try later, like concentrates, flavored cones, vaping accessories, and edibles to your preroll delivery order.